Charlo’s story 😉

We adore every one of our goats at Be Life Farm. They are truly our 4-legged family. We had many babies arrive this year, but there is one with an extra special story.

Meet Charlo.

Charlo’s Story …

You see, we do not typically bottle fed our babies. We do all we can to ensure they bond with their mamas and live a very natural life where they are cared for and nurse from their own mama. We do not even start milking the mamas until the babies are old enough that they are eating grass in addition to their milk and at that time the babies still get to nurse, we just share the milk with them.

But Charlo had a different story.

We always pull the mama goats up from the pasture and they birth in our barn close to the house, so we can watch and help if need be. (Sometimes they do need help) … Well Charlo’s mama birthed him wayyyy early and she was still in the field. Now she has a barn out there too, so birthing in the pasture is not a bad thing at all, but we also have a guardian dog, named ‘Teddy Bear’ that lives with the goats at night and keeps them safe.

Well, when Mike went out to feed one morning, he found a baby goat, all dried off. Standing and trying to nurse – Teddy Bear, the Guardian Dog!!! Teddy Bear was spreading his legs and trying to make it work, but it just was not happening. The Mama goat was not the least bit interested in the baby and even after a day of pulling just the two of them up to the barn, in attempts to let them bond, it just was not happening. We had to hold the mama still to let the baby nurse and she was just miserable.

We think that Teddy Bear must have cleaned off little Charlo at birth, thus interfering with this first time mamas bonding time with her baby and making little Charlo think Teddy Bear was the mama!

So, we did what we had to do and started bottle feeding little Charlo. Now, this is quite the job. They need to eat 4 times a day and the milk has to be warmed just right. Mike took this duty on and little Charlo is now certain that Mike is his mama. He follows him everywhere. He slept all day at Mike’s feet while he was working on his truck the other day and he follows him in the house and sleeps on the porch. We do put him out with the herd of goats, but he just wiggles through the fence and comes to find Mike 😉

Our daughter love to share in feeding time as well 😉 We even were able to let a Goat Yoga participant from each class last weekend give Charlo his bottle and needless to say, he was one of the Stars of goat yoga that day!

Thankfully he is growing up strong and healthy and we are very fortunate we have plenty of real goat milk to feed him.

If you attend a Goat Yoga session you will likely meet little Charlo .. he may be the first to great you 🙂

written 6.7.17


Our mantra at Be Life Farm is to LIVE LIFE, LOVE LIFE and BE LIFE in all that we do. Our goat herd could not embrace these qualities better 🙂

Our goats are LaManchas, they are the dairy goats with tiny ear buds for ears and super sweet temperaments. They love to follow us up onto the porch and nap on sunny days, they are packed with character 🙂

Charisma is the beautiful black and tan goat you see in our intro video on the home page and below. She was born and bred by Fir Meadows Farm

She was purchased by Sunny J Dairy Goats and brought all the way across the country to NC. Be LIFE Farm was honored at the opportunity to purchase Charisma as our first Milker. I cannot tell you how EXCITED we were to drink our first cold glass of goat milk… and it is NOT at all ‘goaty’ as some think. This milk is so sweet and just perfect for making cheese, drinking plain and of course for making SOAP.

What came as an added bonus was just how SWEET Charisma is! She loves to be wherever we are and often sleeps on our porch! She is just a doll and we feel very lucky to have her. Below is an image from the day after we brought her home 🙂


We are thrilled to now run a ‘Goat co-op’ with our friend and LaMancha breeder Sunny J Dairy Goats. Her goats and ours call Be Life Farm home. We love them all and will be adding bios of each and every one, so please check back for more!

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CORE VALUES of Be Life Farm
1. Milk is from Dairy Goats that eat a Non-GMO diet & are LOVED & RESPECTED at Be Life Farm.
2. MINIMAL ingredients used (only 3 – 5 !)
3. USDA ORGANIC Oils are ALWAYS used
5. HANDMADE on Be Life Farm in Kelly, NC
6. NO Fragrances & NO Colorants EVER !
7. Dedicated to partnerships with Local Like-Minded Small Businesses
8. To Love Life, Live Life & Be Life & share it with YOU !

Live Life * Love Life * BE Life – Mary Jordan of Be Life Farm

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