Our goal is to live a simple, sustainable life filled with lots of smiles. We believe that there is power in positivity and that power permeates everything in its path. From the green grass our goats eat, to the creamy milk they gift us- it is all infused with a powerful positive life force and it is our goal to share a bit of that life, packaged in our simple soaps – with YOU!

Our mantra is “Live Life, Love Life and BE Life”

Be LIFE Farm is a family farm, home to Mike, Mary, Filleigh Kay & Sorrael Lyn Jordan, 18 LaMancha dairy goats, 7 (formerly wild) Mustangs, a (formerly wild) burro, a team of mules, 10 domestic horses, 2 ponies, a mini donkey, 5 dogs, a cat, a potbelly pig, 6 pigs, 5 turkeys, a duck, and we have lost count of the chickens. We LOVE LIFE at Be Life Farm!

Mary also gentles wild mustangs – learn more about that at www.MaryMillerJordan.com


Below are a few pictures to give you a feel for how we feel about Being LIFE …

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