SEA LOVE SEA SALT – Be Life Goat Milk Soap

Purifying, Detoxifying, Skin Tightening

Salt is literally HAND SCOOPED from the sea by Sea Love Sea Salt Co. at Wrightsville Beach, NC

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The testimonials have been POURING in for this soap … honestly I am having a hard time keeping up with them all. Here are a few…

Mary, thank you for making your wonderful soap. It cleared up the rashes on my arms! Last May I got stuck by holly and developed an awful rash on both forearms. After several rounds of steroids, my arms still looked horrible. One bar of sea salt soap has cleared them up. I love your goats!! – Joanna Wright

“This is embarrassing, so I would like to stay anonymous, but I have an ingrown hair that has given me issues for over a year. It is (was) on my inner thigh, close to me private area. It was hurting so bad I was planning to go to the doctor about it, but trying this soap on it instead. After using it for a few weeks the ingrown hair was drawn completely out. A whole ball of ‘gunk’ came out with it and now it has healed up completely and does not hurt at all. This stuff is amazing. I am sold!” Anonymous

“My dad has a spot on his head (bald) that is ALWAYS scabbing over. Ever since he starting using this soap it does not scab up anymore. My mom will not let him shower with anything else. They love this soap.” – Anna Brewer

I want to add a personal testimonial myself (Mary Jordan) …

“I ALWAYS used to break out with acne when my period was due. It was like clockwork – now I just switch to using the SALT Be Life Goat Milk Soap a few days before my period and it do not break out anymore. If I forget though, sure enough – I will break out again. This stuff really does cleanse like the ocean, yet it adds the goat milk properties and Coconut oil properties as well. It is like MAGIC. I love it.” – Mary

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  • NO added Fragrances
  • ECO Packaging
  • Milk from LOVED & respected goats
  • Goats eat Non-GMO diet
  • Handmade
  • Woman owned small business
  • ORGANIC Coconut oil
  • THREE ingredient soap
  • Partnered with LOCAL small business Sea Love Sea Salt Co.

Buy it on our online store HERE