Be Life Farm is home to a herd of 15 Mustangs. Born in the wild of OR, UT, WY, NV and CA … rounded up by BLM and in need of adoptive homes. These 15 Mustangs live in our sacred sanctuary space and we invite You to experience their collective peace during our monthly Mustang Meditations held in their home pasture on the farm.

What is it? This is an hour long block of time, where you will be invited into the pasture to meditate with my heart herd of Mustangs. There will be a circular area set up with a small tape/fence between horses and humans. In this way the humans are welcome to be seated very close to the herd by sitting at the edge of the fence or can be seated closer in the circle if desired. (Please Note this image of the Mustangs and me laying down does not show said fence, image by Parrish Photography) Participants are welcome to bring a yoga mat, a towel or a fold-able chair to be seated in or may sit right on the bare earth.

We will open with a brief introduction to the Mustangs and what our mission at Be Life Farm with this Mustang herd is about.

We now have 15 Mustangs, most of which are in the same giant herd. The power of meditating while being held by such a sacred collective space is other worldly!

After the introduction, we will move into a silent meditation experience.

At the close of the hour there will be time for pictures of the Mustangs and an offering of gratitude to them for the experience.

How much does it cost? For this first time offering, we are asking for a minimum donation of only $10 … Of course more is welcomed as this offering will go straight into the care of the herd. (We do have a non-profit if you would like to make a tax deductible donation.)

When will this happen? Our next Mustang Meditation will be held on Sunday Feb 17th at 2 pm EST

What about weather? We will cancel if weather is not suitable as this is outside, please check in with us via email ( or check in on FaceBook or call 910-471-5321 )

A few things you might not think to ask … Our farm is currently under major construction, as we are building a new home and living in Grace, our RV. This Meditation will be held at the front entrance of our property, which is far away from our building site, barns and home. We do ask that participants stay in the area of the meditation.We have a very clean composting toilet that will be set up for participants use. We ask that participants do not enter the pasture with the horses and refrain from any petting over the fence until you have been given the ‘ok’ to do so. Our Mustangs are just as individual as you and I am some of them like to be petted, while some prefer their space. Respecting their well being and individuality is very important. There will be ample time for pictures and petting the Mustangs that enjoy that sort of public affection after the meditation.

We ask for a minimum donation of $10, but we will NOT turn you away if you cannot afford $10 and would still like to attend. Just send us an email and let us know!

Questions? Please ask us .. feel free to comment here or email at or Facebook or also visit our sister website for more info on our Mustang herd!