‘KID AUTHOR WORKSHOP’ – an online create and publish a book workshop for creative kids!

This workshop is inspired by my 7 year old daughter and the recent book she and I co-created and published called ‘Delilah The Yoga Goat’ (available on Amazon)

My intent behind co-creating and publishing ‘Delilah The Yoga Goat’ with my daughter was to prove to her that her dreams can come true, that her voice matters and that she holds the power to influence this world any way she desires. This is also my intent behind offering this program to your child 🙂

This is a 5 month online workshop running Jan. – May 2018  – (your child can participate from anywhere in the world!)

Open to children ages 3 to 12 (contact me for special consideration if your child wants to participate but is not in this age range)

There is a monthly tuition of only $25 per month, for the 5 months of the program plus an additional $50 at the end of the program to cover production costs of the book we create! (You will receive one copy of the book and you may purchase additional copies if you desire) This is a total of $175 for the entire workshop AND your copy of the book with your child’s published story inside! Payments are set up in an automated system Jan through July at $25 per month – this covers the 5 months of the workshop, as well as the $50 for publishing expenses. (If you do not want to use the automated system for payments, you may pay in full with a check)

The published book will be full color and paperback. Size 8.5 by 11. Each child’s story will be one chapter of the book, so the book will contain multiple children’s stories. Each chapter can be as many as 10 pages long. The story can be a full color picture book style with only a few lines on each page, or no pictures and all words, or a comic strip style or any other style your child imagines (except pop-up book style, as the publishing format does not allow for that).

No profanity will be allowed and stories must have a positive message – let’s create the kind of world we want to live in!

We will have one LIVE online session each month, (total of 5) to assist your child in creating their story. (If your child cannot attend these online sessions live, there will be a recorded replay available for viewing the information)

Jan 23rd – Discuss the ‘Message’ your child wants to share with the world (this is the point of creating a book right? 😉 )

Feb. – Explore different story styles, from picture books to comic strips to a story with very few pictures or none at all (a short chapter book would even be an option as long as it was no more than 10 pages total.)

March, April & May – Create Our Stories!


Please be aware that it will be the parent’s responsibility to assist the child with anything they cannot do on their own. For example, a 3 year old can create a story by telling the story to their parent and having the parent take dictation. Also it will be the parent’s responsibility to assist the child in formatting their story into a word doc and/or taking photos or scanning your child’s hand-drawn pictures for their stories. I will give parents and children an easy step by step process to doing all of this, so you have my support! But I do need to be sure parent’s realize your child will likely need your help! I will need each story sent to me in the proper format in order to include it in the book and it is the parent’s responsibility to assist your child in providing this document to me 🙂

At the close of the workshop I will need each story emailed to me in the proper format (I will provide you will all the information you need to do this – do not be intimidated!) I will then format all of the chapters together and publish the book! This process will be completed by the end of August and you can expect to receive your book by the end of Sept. 2018. I will need for you to cover shipping costs to mail your book to you 🙂

To sign your child up please click the ‘subscribe’ button below (you do not need a paypal account to pay) this will set up automatic payments of $25 each month Jan through July. Contact me at belifefarm@gmail.com with any questions!

After you send in your first payment, via the ‘subscribe’ button below – please be on the look out for an email from belifefarm@gmail.com. This is not an automated system, so please allow me at least 48 hours to respond. If you do not see an email from me within 48 hours, please feel free to email me at belifefarm@gmail.com as emails do get hidden in spam sometimes. 🙂

~ Let’s empower our children to create a beautiful world! – Mary Miller-Jordan & Zarina 😉