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Our first ever Goat Yoga event was held at Tidal Creek Co-op May 6th, 2017. It was a HUGE success. Our three classes booked full and everyone had a blast, including the goats. It was covered by Port City Daily and the WECT news and we have loved hosting Goat Yogas ever since! To see the Joy on the faces of everyone, fills us with Joy as well!

Link to WECT video and story … HERE

Above image by Cory Mannion of Port City Daily. Link to Port City Daily article HERE

The goats are so natural at interacting with people, and bringing a smile that is sure to leave you with warm feel goods all over.

Kim Henry, a natural born Goat lover being a Capricorn herself 🙂 , is our AWESOME Goat Yoga instructor. She is fabulous at integrating Yoga moves with the Goat herd. it is one of those things you just gotta experience 😉

*** A Goat Note – Our goats are LaManchas. They are naturally born with tiny ear buds. We do NOT crop their ears!!! They are super friendly, people oriented goats and LOVE to interact 🙂 We breed our does each year and SHARE the milk with the babies. The babies get ALL they need, we NEVER pull babies away from mamas at birth! We recently had an inspection with the Animal Welfare folks and the inspector was blown away by the incredible living environment we have for our goats. They are FAMILY! They live on green pasture with a portable barn that we rotate across our farm to keep them on fresh grass. We do NOT eat our goats and do not sell them for meat. Actually we rarely sell them at all and when we do, it is only to an approved home. We love having a HUGE herd of goats. They are an integral part of our sustainable system of farming and feeding our family of 4 leggeds at Be Life Farm. Their poop is pretty much GOLDEN and the BEST fertilizer EVER! We have lots of other animals too, including a huge herd of formerly wild Mustangs (learn more about the Wild Mustangs HERE ) and the Goats are a wonderful way to fertilize horse pastures. Plus their milk is unreal and their personalities are just heavenly. We are honored to get to share a bit of their awesomeness with YOU through Goat Yoga! ***