LIFE is truly our top priority. LIVING life. Being respectful to ALL life. SHARING life. And most of all BEing life.

With LIFE in mind, we have created Be Life Promises for YOU.

  • Our goats are LOVED, respected and have names 🙂 Honestly, they are our pets. They loved to be milked and race us to the milk stands!
  • The baby goats are NOT weaned from mama at birth. We let them have ALL the milk for as long as they need it – then we share the milk with them. as a breastfeeding mama, I cannot imagine doing it any other way.
  • We use ONLY usda ORGANIC Oils in our Soaps
  • We are transitioning to become a certified BIODYNAMIC FARM (this is way above and beyond organic – check it out HERE )
  • We ALWAYS use ECO-Friendly packaging. Even the cellophane baggies inside our Dog Shampoo box are biodegradable.
  • Our Soaps are FULLY BIODEGRADABLE. This would seem obvious, but MANY soaps are NOT.
  • Our Soap Shop that is currently under construction is being made of 100% recycled materials! It is a work in progress, we make soap in our house now – but it is happening!
  • Our goats eat a non-GMO diet, and we are transitioning to BIODYNAMIC which means ultimately we will grow all of our own food for the goats and be fully sustainable.
  • We use the bare minimum ingredients (THREE) in order to allow the Natural properties of the Be Life Goat Milk SHINE. This is truly a THREE INGREDIENT SOAP (we even bought the .com 🙂 I was surprised it was available, but once you look at mainstream soap ingredients you will see why – they are far from 3 ingredients)
  • Our soap is HANDMADE
  • We are a woman owned small business. Actually a ‘Mama Owned” business 🙂
  • We are fully insured with a 2 million $ policy
  • We partner with like-minded businesses – Positive Energy means A LOT to us!
  • We LOVE what we do and we LOVE sharing it with YOU! For REAL – we DO!

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