You are probably already aware of the amazing properties of Goat Milk in soap. Goat Milk Soaps are quite the rage right now. Basically it does what chemical soaps attempt to do, but does it naturally and does it better – for real. There are countless articles on the subject – here is a good one.

It is really nothing new that Goat Milk is amazing to bath in. Cleopatra took full goat milk baths in it back in her day!

You can find Goat Milk Soap everywhere these days, from grocery store aisles to internet stores to farmer markets. But for us, this is not just any Goat Milk. This is LIFE MILK … we use the same milk to fill our soaps as we do to fill our glasses at the dinner table. We REALLY believe in the POWER of this stuff!

At Be Life Farm we are all about LIFE. Our top ‘rule’ on the farm is that all animals must be HAPPY. This happiness factor is tangible. When you sit down in the pasture with the herd you can FEEL it all around, all within you. This is a powerful Unseen Life Force and it is a living breathing BEing that resides within our farm and our herd. This LIFE is carried through the milk that the goats produce and then packaged up in a bar of soap to share with YOU.

… as with anything, there is more than one way to make a Goat Milk Soap. The method we use involves A LOT of Goat Milk. And, as I said above, this is not just any goat milk. It is not the dehydrated, powdered goat milk that can be bought on the internet. This is not store bought, pasteurized (and therefore deceased) goat milk. This is not milk from goats that live in a factory farm with babies weaned at birth – ok that made me feel sad just typing it .. no more of what this is NOT. Let’s focus again on what it IS. This is MAGICAL LIFE FORCE Goat Milk from happy, loved, respected goats that call Be Life Farm their home. … and we do NOT wean babies at birth! The babies stay with their mamas until they are old enough to go out on their own and no longer need mama’s milk. As a mother of 2 breastfed babies I personally could not imagine it any other way!

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Live Life * Love Life * BE Life – Mary Jordan of Be Life Farm