Three Ingredient Soap?

How can this be?

Only THREE ingredients you say to me.

really? Really? REALLY?

Now this I must see.

Tell me more. TELL ME!

ok ok! We will Glady 🙂

It is just 1, 2, 3 – as simple as can be

  1. ORGANIC Oils – We only use USDA Certified ORGANIC oils in our Be Life Goat Milk Soaps. Our HEAD2TOE version uses ORGANIC Coconut Oil and our Baby version uses USDA ORGANIC Olive Oil. (The Baby version is a pure Castile soap!) Each of the soaps use only ONE of the ORGANIC oils – this results in the THREE INGREDIENT SOAP 🙂
  2. BE LIFE GOAT MILK – This stuff is GOLDEN – well, actually it’s creamy white, but you know what I mean. Goat Milk soaps are quite the rage these days – but I must admit, I am a little partial to ours 🙂 As with anything, there is more than one way to make a Goat Milk Soap. The method we use involves A LOT of Goat Milk. And this is not just any goat milk. It is not the dehydrated, powdered goat milk that can be bought on the internet. This is not store bought, pasteurized (and therefore deceased) goat milk. This is not milk from goats that live in a factory farm with babies weaned at birth – ok that made me feel sad just typing it .. no more of what this is NOT. Let’s focus on what it IS. This is MAGICAL LIFE FORCE Goat Milk from happy, loved, respected goats that call Be Life Farm their home. … and we do NOT wean babies at birth! The babies stay with their mamas until they are old enough to go out on their own and no longer need mama’s milk. As a mother of 2 breastfed babies I personally could not imagine it any other way!
  3. The thing that turns it into Soap aka NaOH (lye) – ok ok ok … I hear you. I hear you. You were good with the USDA ORGANIC Oil right? You were REALLY good with the Be Life Goat Milk right? But NaOH .. it has those capital and lowercase letters all smashed together … What in the world could that be? Well, it is the super cool stuff that turns the fats from the milk and oils into Soap! This is the way your great great great grandparents made soap and it is the way we do it today! The NaOH is not actually in the soap you buy, but it does go in the bucket to create it – so it is an ingredient. NaOH + Milk & Oil = Soap & Glycerin

Those are our one, Two, THREE Ingredients 🙂


How COOL is that? – That a soap can be created from THREE INGREDIENTS! And not just any soap. But a soap that is also a lotion as well. A soap with Magical Life Energy properties from the MAGICAL Be Life GOATS. A soap with PURE ORGANIC Oil. A Soap that is farm-ade by HAND with LOVE and LIFE.

Is it to good to be true?

Can it be truly natural and actually WORK too?

Is this the soap for you?

Is your name Sue?


Well, you’ll just have to try it and see 🙂 Check out our secure online store to share in the LIFE of Be Life Goat Milk Soaps!

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