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Be Life Farm


Description of our farm: Be Life Farm is a family owned and operated farm with priorities in self sustainability farming practices, the awareness and motivation to create a lifestyle based on inner values and a dedication to all living Beings on the farm feeling happy and at peace. Be Life Farm is home to …A family of 4, A herd of dairy goats that we milk and rotate across the farm to fertilize, weed eat and maintain pastures. Mustangs that were born wild and now call our farm home and assist in our inner life guidance programs. Guardian dogs that protect the farm. A Soap Making business. …and a lot more than there is room to describe.

Overall Description of Internship: In search of a responsible, self-motivated individual who is passionate about a self-sustainable lifestyle, living in harmony with animals & earth and recognizes the power in positivity.

Time Working: Seeking a minimum of 1 to 2 days of work on the farm each week, with overnight accommodations provided.

Qualities Desired: Must be physically fit and able to help with physical farm needs, A positive attitude towards life, A true desire to be a part of Be Life Farm, Experience in carpentry, animal care and operating farm equipment are a plus, but not a necessity. Self Motivated personality

Duties on the Farm: Helping care for and milk goats, Move portable fences for goat pastures, feeding all animals on farm (goats, chickens, horses dogs etc) , operating tractor for farm maintenance, assisting with overall animal care, maintaining composting system, garden development & maintenance, soap making other farm tasks

This is a Learning Internship. NO Payment is offered. Products grown/created on the farm are offered as gifts.

TO APPLY send us an email with your name, contact information, your age, WHY you desire to intern with us & three references of your choice.

Email to Mike & Mary Jordan

Printable pdf of the above –> description of internship

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